Tuesday, February 6, 2007

clear vision.

so on my way home today i popped in the lauryn hill unplugged. i havnt heard it in awhile, and it hit me so hard. Repentance. thats what it brought me to, i havnt really been living the way God expects me to be living. I was so ashamed of what ive become and through the cd God spoke. have you ever thought you've been living a lie this whole time? i know i have. my heart has been so dark for a long time, i have been blaming everyone but myself for my actions, in fact, my plague has infected my family. i realized it when i saw myself in my family. im sorry karen and kiana... papa hasnt been the best dad and husband and i apologize for what i have put you both through. I love you both.
I know ive stated plenty of times that i HATE absolutely HATE the SOUTH, and i want to say im sorry. how can i hate those who God had created? if anything i shouldve been an example to God's children. i know the truth, but i chose not to follow it, ive ruined my witness, i burned bridges and now that i reflect on my actions... I am ashamed. my vision has been taken away by what the world wants me to see through there eyes. an eye for an eye.
i also thought of one of my close buddies Forrest, he has been the greatest example of humbleness to me. i thank the Lord for him. The Lord has used him mightily in my life. though we dont talk about the Lord as much as we should his actions have spoken clearly. thanks bro. so with all that said, I can say that i can see with clear vision, looking at life thru the eyes of the Creator. Jesus...

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