Saturday, February 10, 2007


so we were cruisin around poplar and i happend to remember a new shoe store a friend of mine from finish line told me about. it was across from oakcourt mall in the laurelwood mall... R SOLE!!! yes! finally a store that caters to the shoe enthusiast. memphis is definitly movin' on up! check it out for rare kicks/jeans/shirts/and couture TOYS! yup! toys! this is pure SARAPBUHAY!(THE GOOD LIFE)

Karen's first pair of ED HARDY's

she also got a pair of court force low

and happy valentines to me! luv ya bebs. (AF1 PRM 07 THOMPSON)

airmax 360 II


Anonymous said...

this place is tizzight thanks brandon!

Mike said...

SHOES....Really expensive pieces of fabric and rubbber you strap to your feet...

But that's cool. Everyone's got their thing, huh? But can they help you dance like me man?!!! :P