Monday, September 17, 2007


so ive been here in san Antonio for about a month and a half and i love it! school has been doing great much newer campus than Memphis. im still getting used to the traffic here its pretty crazy almost comparable to Cali. alot has happened since ive been here first and foremost my spiritual walk with Christ has never been as close as it has been in a long time. i can hear His voice much clearer... i am more relaxed out here the Lord has given me a peace that i cant understand and i dont want to try. its crazy because i dont make anything close to what i have made in the last 8 years. in fact, i work at home depot, if you know me that should tell you something. karen and kiana have been such a blessing to me. oh Lord thank you for my Girls. i cant forget the awesome fellowship with the brothers and sisters they also have been a such a blessing to me. thank you Jesus.
enjoy the pics folks!

if you ask me why go to the river walk when i got it in front of the house...


took these random pics of the city and country contrast. which do i like best? both thats why i moved haha.

random shots of the kids theres more to come!

wow! its kiana first day at kinder, our baby is growing fast i miss here everyday. the second pic really break my heart because i feel like shes slowly leaving the nest. i sit back and trip out to see how much she has grown.

the newest edition... charger! thats right. dont ask me what he is cuz i really dont know haha.

this was a 2.1 mile relay that the girls and guys did, it was exhausting just being there haha. no i didnt run i wasnt called to run that night but ken and i were trying to register for the BBq at the front haha!! i was so proud of karen. she did this run without any training! awesome job sweets! keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

looks like life is going good down in SA homie. glad to see you getting settled in good.