Wednesday, November 7, 2007

im buggin

so my blog has been called "sarapbuhay" which is "The Good Life" i want to tell you where all this came from. it was a sunny afternoon in San Diego,CA sitting on the porch of Mikey Galido's house with not a care in the world. At the time him and I where in Highschool livn the highschool life ya know? so on that day i remembered we were all chillen and mikey's mom came out and said yaan! ang alam nyo!!!"SARAPBUHAY"!! in english, "thats what you all know is to live the Good Life!!(sarcastically) pretty much auntie was saying yall some lazy bums go do somthin'! so with all this said, this was about 10 yrs ago. way before Kanye west came out with this song "the good life". i just dont want anybody to think i bit it ya know? but i do like the song. i listen to it and totally relates. i may not wear YSL,LV,etc but im still livin the Good Life.

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