Friday, January 25, 2008


so today as i was studying the word and i realized that i am not afraid to die...why? there is so much more on the other side. The Lord revealed to me that all this we have here on earth< is uncomparible to what He has instore for us in Heaven.
im currently unemployed and im glad, i havnt felt so sensitive to the spirit like i have now. im not saying you all should quit or lose your jobs... this is just where the Lord has me, in the center of His will. i encourage other believers to take the time to talk to your father, He wants to hear from you. we are all busy, i know. but the Lord is never busy for us. i wanted to share a song with you all, its about a losing someone close to you... but the point i want you to get here is that when this close person or even you goes to the other side, will God say, my fatihful servant Well done.

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