Thursday, April 17, 2008

catch up time!

sorry guys i know i havnt posted in awile so lets get to it...

fabricatedmotorsports drift event in march had fun and lots of damage!

this is what happens when your five year old watches too much disney.... its under control now but, its my baby girl, what can i do? haha i hope she doesnt grow too fast or has she?

family easter pic for 2008

the SD family easter 2008

the latest pick ups since i moved to texas... its an addiction.

well thats the latest for now ill be attending some functions here pretty soon so stay posted up!

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man that things got braces on it now! that event looked tight, i wanan do some fast stuff like that. im getting donnies old corolla from leon and planning on doing the cosmetics and hitting events since its already got suspension. you straight to have a sparkaru team and ill throw that flake you gave me over some black and have stickers made. i wanna get some chrome 15's, kit it, paint it, hids, origin tails. let me know if you're down for me to match or not, or ill do the rising sun thing again haha, and maybe sometime soon ill be seein ya!