Monday, November 24, 2008


I have always been a Jordan fan since my younger days. Even though I grew up in the slums of National City, SD I had a heart for the windy city. 23 seemed to be the number that I loved the most. I can remember in grade school, a friend of mine named Ricky Blas(its a trip i still remember his name), was the first kid in school to have the Jordans, the 4's and the 6's to be exact. From that day on, my ultimate goal in life was to obtain every pair that came out. So on 122608 I will be in line.


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KILLIN'EM said...

yo man i just called and got on the list for Rsole release for their shoes, i dont know if you're itnerested but they are 150 and probably will only have 1 of each size at the drop, have to be on list and they're at a customer appreciation party after store hours... im pickin some up, if you want me to get you some let me know and we can arrange something. dunno if you want them ornot, just figured i'd offer!