Thursday, June 18, 2009


NAME: Issac

When I met this guy I thought he would give me grief for being a Lakers fan because he is born and raised in San Antonio. But come to find out he is a Die hard Lakers fan! Yes, we clicked real quick. Really cool guy, so I thought id blog him because you dont see to many Texan Lakers fans because most of them are Spurs Fans. Check out his collection of Lakers paraphernalia I tell you this, he got me beat...

Let me share my 2 cents... A true basketball enthusiast watches the games, analyzes plays and predicts wins and most importantly cheers for there team. It's ok to not like a team, but if the team is in the same division as you and made it to the finals wouldn't you go for that team? Only because the team is in your division. Im sorry to say that's not always the case. Here is a good example of what I would do: I am a Lakers fan but if they lost in the western conference I would go for any other team that made it to the finals because I'm for the WEST. It really bothers me that just because you hate the Lakers and your team is in the same division, you are going to go for all the teams that play against the Lakers, Guess what? If thats the case, NO RING FOR THE WEST... but then again, to each his own. I am not here to imply my own thoughts on anyone, but logic is logic. So to end this rant and answer peoples questions, yes I would go for the SPURS if they made it to the finals even if I am a Lakers fan.


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Jake said...

Dope Kobe rookie!!!