Saturday, October 17, 2009


So this Thursday I decided to get off my lazy butt and get to the San Antonio weekly car meet. I can honestly say I miss being around individuals that have nothing but raw passion for motor sports. The neighborhood self taught mechanics that thrive on pure builds that out do the average sport car. I met up with Corey and Tyler who are 2 cool dudes, they welcomed me with back with no hesitation. I've been out of the Drift game for about 2 years now and I miss it a whole lot but being at the meet sparked the small flame in my heart haha. Anyways, enough of my banter and onto the Drift cars that hold up the SA car scene, if you ask me there car were the best ones there! Enjoy!
-SARAPBUHAY all day.



Tyler said...

Pics turned out great!

Headed out to MW to rep sarapbuhay hard!


i like these night photos.

KILLIN'EM said...

sweet pics man, that baby blue coupe is SWEET! get your car back out there man, i know you miss it, the drift scene misses you!