Thursday, October 29, 2009


Growing up we couldnt ever afford spending money on Jordans or any type of expensive shoe in fact, I still remember having to wear my shoes till my toes hit the very tip of the shoe. I believe that going through those tough times helped me appreciate the blessings of life. So when I was able to grab a pair of my own, I kept them so fresh, boxed and cleaned all day! Now that I have a child of my own I want to be able to teach her the value in things though she still kinda doesn't get it, in due time she will. It's hard to teach her because she always gets a new pair of kicks, only because her feet are growing so fast! Anyways, enough of my banter. Here are some new pick ups for the Wifey and the baby, the VI's are the Wifey's and the 1's are for baby.
-SARAPBUHAY all day!



Al said...

jordan/nike for kids are cool but for adults? we off that!

sarapbuhay said...

hahaha! I try to keep it OG.


Js are classic! shut ya mouth, Al. hahaha