Thursday, December 3, 2009


I went to the mail box today to pick up my usual mail and I happened to receive a gift from a friend I haven't heard from in a long time. This particular friend of mine has always been one that I've poked at for many different reasons but needless to say he stuck through those times and still called me friend. He has always been one to lend a hand. I knew that one day it would click for him and positive that the man up stairs had a plan for him. He wrote me a letter which no one does anymore by the way, because in today's society letters are transformed in small forms of misspelled jargon. He was kind enough to say that I made an impact on His life but I want to say, No, You are an impact on Life. All I can say is Fight the Good Fight and continue to keep your eyes on Him who has given you life... and thanks for the awesome goodies.


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KILLIN'EM said...

i was wondering if you ever got that homie, i hope you get that GLO program installed (even though its like 18gb's!) because its super awesome! i went and bought more RAM just so I could run it! plus im sure your baby girl will have a ball with it!