Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For those of you that don't know, we took a 12 hour journey to Memphis,TN to visit friends, car meet and attended a wedding. The journey back was a memorable experience for all of us. Getting on the road back to memphis allowed me to see how much life has changed and how I have grown as a person. Just imagine, I have been gone for almost 4 years and it seems like yesterday I cruised down Germantown Parkway in the s13 followed by a whole mob of abused drift cars. Friendships that were built around automobiles later turned into long life relationships. I can honestly say that with out my friends from memphis I wouldnt be who I am today. I've learned so much about life and experiences, the do's and dont's, the could'ves the should'ves but bringing me back to a place I once almost couldn't wait to leave brought an excitement that I couldn't explain. I was going to be around people who love and care about my family and I. People who never hated or once treated me in way that would segregate me from the rest but included me in their personal life and experiences. That to me is a great definition of why my Life is SARAPBUHAY.

This will be PART I of the trip more to come!




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KILLIN'EM said...

im glad you guys came back and enjoyed your trip, i was happy to see everyone again! the weekend of chilling with friends was the most relaxed and enjoyment-filled weekend i've spent in a LONG time, so i would have to agree with you man, SARAPBUHAY! (<the correct way ^_^)