Sunday, July 18, 2010

VH x S13

The other night we hooked up with Local San Antonio drifters that have been frankensteining motor swaps for quite a while. His name is Ryan and I believe he was the first in San Antonio to do a VH swap into a S13. I was quite impressed by these backyard concoctions of cars. Ryan is currently offering these turn key swaps so If you are interested in a V8 Nissan powered drift his contact info is

Heres the breakdown of what is included and done...
Vh45de with under 100k(chain/guides/tensioners/gaskets/ect...replaced if need be)
z32 tt tranny
custom tranny adapter (similar to mazworx but a higher grade aluminum)
machine bellhousing
oe q45 rubber mounts on custom engine mounts
stage 1/2/3 clutch (your choice)
lightweight flywheel
transmission mount
custom shifter mount
custom driveshaft
longtube headers
engine harness
sr radiator
for $4k installed and running
Im sure im leaving some of the stuff out but thats the jist of it. If anyone is a diyer and has any questions or would like to buy individual pieces to do they're own swap I'm more than willing to give you guys a hand. We've got all the jigs set up to pump these swap parts out like crazy.


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