Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you're into 2 wheel action, you might want to read this post carefully and see if this maybe your cup of tea. A good buddy of mine Victor Peralta has been into these miniture cycles for quite some time now and has been building this DAX(called in Japan) also known as the 1970 Honda CT70 here in the US. This build has been going on for about 2 years but its a progressive build, not something that just gets touched when he feels like it, you can tell by the quality craftsmanship he has put into it. So today we are going to feature this awesome build of a DAX! Enjoy!

List of mods:
Japanese style fenders
-40mm G-craft short fork legs
2.75J Wide G-Craft wheel in the front on 90/90-10
3.5J Wide G-Craft wheel in the back on 110/80-10
Michelin S1 tires
License plate bracket from Z-Father Japan
Handlebars from Z-Father Japan
Vintage handle grips
Headlight winker from Motorkit Belgium
Custom crocodile seat with Honda logo embroidered
Oil catch can
TB Parts levers
TB Parts oil cooler
TB Parts 88cc race head kit
TB Parts manual clutch kit
Takegawa air funnel
Kitaco kick starter
6V CDI conversion
Over Racing stainless exhaust
280mm OKD rear shocks
Prizmatique paint job from Norton's Custom Designs


Dax Rodriguez said...

Lol when I saw this post I was like wtf? I need to buy one of these it's only fitting.

Joe+Kathrina said...

That's sweet, got distracted by the B before I looked down and saw the bike. Looks like a fun ride.