Friday, October 8, 2010


We strolled out on Thursday night to the local car meet and met tons of of cool people. For it being San Antonio, Tx the car scene is definitely growing and learning the ways of the walk. You can see the heart, blood, sweat and tears put into these cars that have made it possible to participate in these grass root gatherings. Anyways, enough talk lets get to the pics! This will be part 1 of Thursday night lights, we'll be continuing to post on this particular title for our local meets.

Civics have always been the favorite tuning platform prior to the uproar of s13's and s14's. This particular Civic that Orlando built stuck out last night, so we had to give it some love and show his passion and dedication to this automotive lifestyle. Thanks Orlando for letting us shoot your car! Keep up the good work!

Wheels: SportMax 16x8 +0 all around

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