Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The parents just got back from the Philippines and planned to hang out here in TX for a couple of months so that means good cooking will be in the kitchen best believe meh! I love getting gifts from the mother land because they always have cool snacks to munch on. From dried spicy squid to ube bread, all business! Peep the Balikbayan gifts (imported goods)

Pan de UBE & Pan de coco (taro root bread and coconut bread)

This one cracks me up YA YAMMY, Spicy dried squid!

The OG RED EGG (Itlog pula) Salty eggs!

Chili tamarind!

JACK N JILL DYNAMITE!!! Melon mint candies... not a big fan.

For you menthol lovers MAXX MENTHOL Melon candy!

Aaand, the one and only Jens pastillas, LANGKA flavor (jack fruit)

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HTC magic is a good phone ;)