Friday, November 19, 2010


Since family has been in town from CA they wanted to get as much Texas as they can in there system but with only 3 days and other agendas at hand, it was quite difficult to accomplish. We headed up to ATX to check out how Orange it would be and boy it sho was... For those of you who never been to Tx, there is so much to offer here as far as natural surroundings that you can probably not find anywhere else. This particular post we will head to Austin, Tx to the campus of UT. My brother wanted to pass by and see what it had to offer but homie has like 3 degrees! lol I guess his passion is studying. Ok, enough chit chat, enjoy the pics and have an awesome Friday!

I don't know who this couple was but the guy was trendy

Being filipino and from California this was kind of an odd sign for a college group???


infused08 said...

How was the TexasFlips sign odd? Here in San Antonio we have the same thing, UTSA Filipino Students' Association. We actually have major competitions against TexasFlips, UH, Baylor and many other universities in Texas with Filipino Students' Association. It's called Goodphil! Check it out on YouTube or Wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

That trendy guy was wearing F.L.O.M dunks lol hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

The trendy dude was wearing F.L.O.M dunks, legit LOL