Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's such a pain to lug around a SLR especially if you just want to capture shots in places where people would look at you weird shooting pics in the mall, lol. So I decided to whip out the good cellphone cam and snapped away. The malls always get packed this time of season and its kinda funny to see people scrounge for gifts that the recipient might not even like. People seem to just buy what ever is on sale and buy just to buy, no thought no planning, I'm not saying that everyone does that but a good hand full of our society does it. I think people have forgotten the main focus of Christmas looooong time ago, it just seems to get worst every year. The masses being sucked in by mainstream materialism that destroys the foundation of why Christmas came about... My 1.5 cents. Enjoy the cell phone pics!

It's Texas, with out cowboy boots and Christmas lights it wouldnt be!

Kicks of the day...

Baby girl always seems to cop something at the mall!

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