Monday, October 10, 2011


So I got this random email from "HUF" from a guy name Christian who works for HUF and this is what he said,

Hoy Pare !!!

I’ve been lurking on a bunch of car blogs and somehow came across your blog
! I was scrolling through some posts and noticed you are reppin’ our brand
pretty hard! Send me your information (address, sizes in shirts, hats,
kicks, and pants) so I can get a box of gear for you. Keep up the dope blog
and thanks for supporting HUF ! We out here !

Christian Bigay

HUF Sales Team

He hooked us up! much love to HUF family we back you guys hard! Thank you again for lacing us up. MABUHAY!
Here are a couple of flicks of what came in the package. So for all you out there support HUF its one of the most solid brands out there right now, its simple and simple is everything!

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