Sunday, February 12, 2012


I touched down in San Diego for the first time in 6 years yes, 6 long years... I really don't know why I never came back, maybe it was the fear of actually missing home and not wanting to come back to where I reside now. When I landed, I sat at the airport waiting for my ride as I was waiting I was people watching and so many flash backs of when I used to live in SD ran through my mind. I was taken back all the way to my childhood, it was weird, it was like I was in my own world of thought, which I was hahah! But with all that said, it was good to be home a place I can call my own, I was no stranger to my surroundings. I took a long deep breath and the cold crisp air from the ocean entered my lungs and it felt like I never left...

As soon as I arrived the gatherings began and when gatherings commence, so does the FOOD!!!!

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