Friday, July 27, 2007

busy week...

so yea its been a hectic week from paint cars to putting cars back together. so sick of painting and wrenching. i can honestly say after painting for hours and hours i was feeling light headed like crazy! BTW dont paint in a enclosed granite shop! lol. but here are some pics of what went on.

scott hard at work on lil donnies s14/s13 so fresh and so clean.

haha this dude was working on donnie's car. name is john dude doesnt ever wear

finished product!

the day after paint kicked it with the homie trevor... cool kat!

she's alive aero and fresh paint! thanks baby chris for hookin it up with the repair on the aero, these pics serve no justice to what was done with the aero. i pretty much gave it to him in pieces and now it looks like i got it straight from VSelect. mo flake! thanks trevor for the itchy trigger finger! haha it worked out well so lets go fishin!!!

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