Sunday, February 3, 2008


so frado's family came down to visit and we all took a trip to austin,tx. the world is so small farados sister's boyfriend is friends with my homeboys little brother! isnt that a trip man i realized san diego is so small! anyways, peep the pix.
so as we pull up to the capital we notice there was protesting going on... abortion. its sad.
this was in one of the many rooms in the captial. this particular room was the room of rules where they decide which laws are passed forward and vetoed. mm, not my cup of tea. history tends to give me the Z and it isnt a 350 niether...
Aguilars Klan
kiana always being a wierdo, thats what i love about her!
the two LOVES of my life.
the infamous city shot...very artsy.
then we ended the night with ZEN...and we will never eat der aZEN!


Anonymous said...

nice pics brutha, its propessional

Anonymous said...

b-e-a-utiful photos man... haha...