Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here are some pics of our Family getting together for christmas eve into Christmas day. I absolutely love Christmas. Why? mostly its because we get to spend it with the ones we truly love. It's a time of gift opening, sharing, loving, etc. but most of all celebrating the birth of Christ. With my family we have started a tradition we want to plan to keep. It is a pajama Christmas eve jam where all the kids and adults come hang out in there jammies. I would post some picks of the jammies but I think the adults would not like to see them selves in full adult onesies on the internet hahah. Being that we dont live in California anymore, we want to teach our kids that Texas is now home and that we should create a home and traditions here and not no where else. I'm glad that we have settled well here in Texas and very thankful for all the friends and new family we have met. Special shout out to the MAC's "Macasadias" for the pajama bash! Let's continue this for years to come.


Tocino x longonisa x egg x rice x suka... breakfast time!

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Art Serna said...

good stuff there carnal. pajammy jamm is a great tradition to start! we started that 2 years ago and everyone has fun with it. i say post more pics of the adults in the jammies...haha!!