Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mark Bello got a chance to hook up Jason and shoot the STI. The setup is pretty clean in my opinion, not many cars can pull off this look but Jason managed to still come correct. The NorthWest strikes again! enjoy the pics ya'll.

Here is the mod list:
-bc racing coilovers 8k/10k
-sparco 345 steering wheel
-2 1/2 inch shift extender
-modded e brake lever to keep unlocked when needed
-project mu HC Titan Kai brake pads
-2 work cr kai’s for drift spares
-cusco type rs 2 way lsd
-watanabe service drift center differential
-front axles taken apart, stubs were left in the knuckles and the tranny.
-38mm ichiba v2 wheels spacers all around

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Unknown said...

been dreaming to do this to my grb... nice to see someone actually doing it! i absolutely love this car!!! astig! more pics!:) or build thread:D i want to go the RWD route with mine too:)