Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Growing up in California this was a common term to use when you would leave a certain spot. The word Boneout was used in the early 90's, which also means to peel out, burn rubber or what ever you may call it in your region but in CA it was "BONEOUT". A good friend of ours Ben who is one of the founders of Team BoneOut has taken it to a different level. BRG, Bone Out Racing Group is global, from Japan to the PI where ever there is dope cars there is bound to be one BRG. He sent me a cool package that came in today... It has such a LA feel to it lol! If you were heavily into the gangster rap 90's era you'll understand the tee mixed with the new aged "stanced" generation. So if you want one of these go and pick one up and rep.
Just click on BONEOUTLA to pick up a tee!

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boneout ben said...

much love and respect to brandon.. haha we go way back muahahaha