Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Good Life Tour comes to the Comedy Palace San Diego!

This was the second stop of the Good Life tour and it was a HUGE success! We had a sold out show with performances from Pali Roots, Tribal Theory & Ekolu! Thank you all for coming out and supporting whats good, the Good Life!  photo IMG_2464-2.jpg

We got to experience a very rare event with a dinner table acoustic performance by Ekolu!  photo IMG_2478-2.jpg  photo IMG_2492-2.jpg  photo IMG_2496-2.jpg

The Intern!  photo IMG_2499-2.jpg

 photo IMG_2500-2.jpg>
 photo IMG_2507-2.jpg  photo IMG_2509-2.jpg  photo IMG_2510-2.jpg

Star Players!  photo IMG_2523-2.jpg

SOLD OUT!  photo IMG_2573-2.jpg

Pali Roots!  photo IMG_2631-2.jpg

Local San Diego group, Tribal Theory!  photo IMG_2711-2.jpg  photo IMG_2719-2.jpg  photo IMG_2749-2.jpg  photo IMG_2750-2.jpg  photo IMG_2768-2.jpg

Ekolu!  photo IMG_2787-2.jpg  photo IMG_2797-2.jpg  photo IMG_2800-2.jpg  photo IMG_2801-2.jpg

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