Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well its been quite a while. A long while! Some of you have may have been following me on instagram @sarapbuhay97 and been able to see my new journey in tattooing and transition from TEXAS to CALIFORNIA. Its been quite a roller coaster ride for the family and I but its been a good one. Well let me catch you up on whats been happening. 2 Years ago I made the decision to take an apprenticeship under Tha Kuya but a year prior to that I was already in prayer on making the move. The time that Kuya invested into me was something not alot of tattoo artists would do. He has blessed me with the Tools and knowledge to get me where I am at, I cant really say that I am anywhere right now as far as tattooing but I can say that everyday is a day to learn something new. At the moment I am still finding myself in the tattoo/polynesian culture, it's so easy to just get lost and draw cool lines and cool designs but thats what its not meant for. I cant express more and more that these are lines that define life and culture, even I cant explain all but I know in due time the teachings from mentors and elders the patterns will slowly come to an understanding for myself. I can talk forever but let this be an introduction of the new chapter in my life, thank you for supporting and sharing the passions that i hold close. -B  photo IMG_3544.jpg  photo IMG_3539-2.jpg  photo IMG_3548.jpg  photo IMG_3546.jpg  photo IMG_3550.jpg

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