Tuesday, January 21, 2014

97' Till.

So its been quite a while since Ive dropped a tee so here you go. This tee represents the clash of athletics and fashion. I have always been into sports and fashion growing up, playing basketball in the late hours of the night and waking up in the morning getting ready for school in fresh pair of kicks and fly gear, hahahhahaha! Those were the days... I hope this tee can relate to all you who purchase it because even without the sports and fashion sense the tee reflects the goodness of Life in its whole. The facts that we are breathing and some may have more than others, its ok because life is GOOD when we make it. Lets all be encouraged and see that Life can always be better and to never complain with what we are given because there is always some less fortunate than you and I. LIVE/LIFE.  photo IMG_3557.jpg

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